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A-0ne links up with the NGO


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A-One Game Bird Feeds Joins Forces With
The NGO Moorland Branch


 16 April 2013                  


A-One Game Bird Feeds - has joined forces with the National Gamekeepers' Organisation as a sponsor of the NGO Moorland Branch - a specialist group within the NGO representing the interests of grouse keepers across England and Wales.
The extensive range of A-One Game Bird Feeds caters for the needs of both upland and lowland keepers. The firm also markets a variety of grouse grits - an all-important requirement in the daily diet of the red grouse

The A-One Game Bird Feeds range is maufactured by the family firm of A-One Feed Supplements Ltd at its mill, near Thirsk in North Yorkshire. The firm, which was established in 1975, runs its own lorry fleet and delivers throughout the UK and Europe.


Daniel Day, Sales and Marketing Director of A-One Game Bird Feeds, said: "Being able to supply the needs of all gamekeepers - lowland and upland - is at the heart of our business. It is therefore a great pleasure to be linked with the National Gamekeepers' Organisation Moorland Branch, the authoritative voice of upland conservation in England and Wales. I am really looking forward to this new partnership."


Mr Day added: "A-One Game Bird Feeds works closely with its customers and - being a privately owned British business - we can swiftly incoporate customer feedback into our continuous programme of product research and development right across the range, including our wide range of grouse grits, so crucial for the birds of upland keepers."

Richard Coates, Chairman of the NGO Moorland Branch, said: "I am very pleased that A-One Game Bird Feeds is to partner the NGO Moorland Branch. I know our members will welcome its generous sponsorship. It's much appreciated. I am also sure the link-up will prove to be of mutual benefit in ensuring the already excellent products in the A-One Game Bird Feeds range benefit from the hands-on experience of those who use them, namely gamekeepers."

Lindsay Waddell, the Chairman of the National Gamekeepers' Organisation, said: "On behalf of our membership I'd like to thank A-One Game Bird Feeds for its kind sponsorship. Its support will be of great help to the NGO Moorland Branch in helping further to fund its work, putting the case for grouse management to those who seek to hamper the vital conservation done by gamekeepers, up on the roof of England and Wales."

  • TheA-One Game Bird Feeds range offers a comprehensive menu of top quality and high performance feedstuffs for pheasant, partridge and wildfowl. The company also markets an extensive range of grouse grits including: medicated Cornish quartz, straight Cornish grit, washed Scottish quartz and a high calcium mixed-quartz grit, specially formulated for use at egg laying.

  • A supply of grit helps improve red grouse health in several ways including acting as a natural grinding agent in the bird's digestive system, and can complement a moor's own indigenous sources of soil-borne grit.

  • The A-One Game Birds Feeds range is manufactured by A-One Feed Supplements Ltd, which was established in 1975. It is the only independent specialist manufacturer of feeds and supplements for game, piglets and ruminants in the UK. The firm has a production line that is dedicated solely to compounding game feeds. The company's state-of-the-art laboratory provides on-site feed analysis facilities to ensure the consistency and quality of theA-One Game Bird Feeds range.

  • The NGO Moorland Branch was set up in 1999 when the Moorland Gamekeepers' Association merged with the NGO. The NGO Moorland Branch is a specialist interest group within the NGO and represents the interests of grouse keepers in England and Wales.

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