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Rydale Show 2013

White Horse Nutrition attends the Ryedale Show 30th July 2013

Rydale Show 2013

White Horse Nutrition sponsored the Championship Equine classes at the Ryedale Show this year, sponsoring 22 classes. Classes included Ridden Mountain & Moorland, In hand Cleveland Bay and also the Working Hunter classes. Winners of each championship won a bag of White Horse Nutrition Equi-Dry bedding conditioner.

Equi-Dry bedding conditioner is made to a unique formula based on extremely liquid absorbent compounds, which are capable of absorbing noxious gases and liquids. Equi-Dry is able to absorb over 1 and a half times its own weight in liquid and trials have shown it will absorb up to 5 times the amount of other desiccant powders. This drying effect keeps you horses bedding drier and reduces bacterial activity.  Equi-Dry can be used underneath the bedding and also in transport. Along with Equi-Dry, White Horse Nutrition launched their new supplement range; Support, Calm, Well-Being and Myco-Clear.

Well-Being is a broad spectrum supplement for all horses and ponies, with added benefits for gut health, palatability and optimum absorption of essential nutrients. Feeding Well-Being is a cost effective way of ensuring your horse receives all the vital vitamins and minerals needed to balance feed intake and keep him healthy, inside and out.

Calm is a highly effective powdered calmer, for anxious or excitable horses, without effecting awareness. Horses may become anxious for a variety of reasons, but this multi-ingredient product will provide focus on the job in hand, through the relief of stress.

Support is a specialist supplement designed to supply specific nutrients involved in the growth and maintenance of a healthy coat, skin and hooves.

Myco-Clear is a supplement designed to absorb mycotoxins in the gut, and to protect the hindgut bacteria from mycotoxin poisoning. It also helps to support the digestive tract after a digestive upset, ensuring a swift return to health.

For more information about our White Horse Nutrition range, please visit the Equine section of our website, or to discuss these products further, please contact us at the office on 01423 322706 or email


















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