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  • Colostrum – Powering Our Piglets

    31 Jan 2019

    With our hyper prolific sows producing increased numbers of born alive and greater numbers of light piglets, the role of colostrum in maximising lifetime performance has never been more important.

  • New Devenish Sow Product Maximises Colostrum Impact for Piglets

    12 Dec 2018

    Following five years in research and development, agri technology specialists Devenish have launched ColfaPig, a mix of encapsulated short and medium chain fatty acids, that has shown numerous benefits on colostrum quality in sows and subsequent piglet performance.

  • Mother knows best

    02 Dec 2018

    According to the Oxford English Dictionary, colostrum is defined as; ‘the first secretion from the mammary glands after giving birth, rich in antibodies.’ Personally speaking, I like this description; it’s clear and succinct, but it is in fact much more important than this portrayal suggests.

  • The Value of Creep Feeding

    16 May 2018

    Over the last number of years, litter size has improved dramatically which has had a significant impact on piglet birth weight. It has been claimed that every extra piglet born reduces the average piglet birth weight by 40g. The lower the birth weight, the less chance of survival. It is clear to see in figure 1 when birth weight drops to less than 1.3kg, there is a steep increase in the probability of piglets not surviving.

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