White Horse Nutrition

Over 30 years of nutritional
expertise and excellence

Our brand new first class supplement range has everything you need to enable you to get the very best from your horse.


What is Different about Our Supplements?

Our New Supplements have been designed to help you and your horse overcome a variety of issues including settling anxious, nervy horses through the use of Calm, maintaining and improving hoof, skin and coat condition with Support and even maintaining a healthy gut flora, avoiding mycotoxin poising with the help of Myco-Clear. 

Each one of our specialist products is based on the most up to date equine research and tested by our own on-site Quality Control laboratory to ensure each product is of the highest quality batch after batch. The White Horse Nutrition range of supplements is all prepared on a palatable base to ensure that none of the essential nutrients are missed out because the horse finds them unpalatable. The range has recently been amended to include a flavour throughout the range. This provides a familiar smell and taste to feed and water when the horse is stressed or in unfamiliar surroundings.

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I Can't Find What I Need!

If you have any concerns, or special circumstances that you don't think are covered by our existing range do not hesitate to contact our technical team for advice and support.