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What is Support?
Support is a specialist supplement designed to supply specific nutrients involved in the growth and maintenance of healthy coat, skin and hooves. 

What are the Benefits of Feeding Support?
Support contains Chelated Zinc, which is involved in the growth of healthy hooves. The horse's body more easily absorbs Chelated Zinc than other forms.

Support contains a high level of Biotin to promote and increased rate of growth of hooves and strengthen hoof structure. Biotin also improves skin and coat codition.Support also contains Methionine, a natural source of Sulphur, which is important for hoof structure. 

Support contains Natural Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant required to help prevent cell damage. Natural vitamin E is twice as active compared to the synthetic form. 

Support is formulated on a palatable and nutritious base and includes an aniseed flavour to encourage the fussy eater and bring familiarity to the ration. 

Would Support be Suitable For my Horse?
Support would be of benefit to the horse that has brittle or cracked feet, a dry or damaged coat or dry flaky skin.

Support is designed to meet the needs of your horse's hooves, coat and skin in one step, and can be added to just a handful of mix, cubes or even just chaff to ensure your horse gets everything they need. 

When and How Should I Feed Support?
Feed Support to your horse all year round, and for at least 6 months to promote an improvement in the quality of the hooves.

Put the daily amount (25g for horses or half that for ponies) into the ration (or a small quantity of hard feed or chaff if your horse does not usually get any hard feed) and mix well. Dampen if necessary.

If your horse gets the ration in more than one meal, split the supplement accordingly.