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What is Calm?
Calm is a highly effective powdered calmative for anxious or excitable horses, without effecting awareness. Horses may become anxious for a variety of reasons but this multi ingredient product will provide focus on the job in hand, through the relief of stress. Pro-biotic properties ensure added benefits for gut health and stability. 

Benefits of Calm
Calm contains l-tryptophan, an amino acid involved in the production of Serotonin, which in turn controls mood. Serotonin production reduces anxiety and fearfulness, leading to a calmer attitude with no loss of awareness. 

Calm also contains B vitamins for their role in controlling the release of energy from food, so helping to prevent the ‘sugar high' often seen in horses fed large amounts of grain. 

Calm contains Magnesium in an easily absorbed form, as Magnesium is used in the process controlling the release of adrenaline, and so keeping the horse in a calm state of mind. 

Calm contains a pro-biotic, which promotes gut health and stability and improves the digestibility of the horse's feed. The inclusion of Klinofeed ® , a natural clay that has been shown to promote gut health by adsorbing toxins and soothing the gut.Both these properties help to reduce the risk of digestive problems being the cause of anxious or excitable behaviour. 

Would Calm be Suitable for My Horse?
Calm is suitable for any horse that shows anxious or excitable behaviour, whether they are at home, or out and about.

Calm can be safely fed alongside any of the other products in the White Horse Nutrition range, and can be used long or short term. 

When and How Should I feed Calm?
Feed Calm to your horse if they:   

  • Are excitable despite a low cereal intake.
  • Are excitable when the grass starts growing in spring.
  •  Are anxious and spooky.
  • Frequently becomes tense and loses concentration.
Put the daily amount (25g for horses or half that for ponies) into the ration (or a small quantity of hard feed or chaff if your horse does not usually get any hard feed) and mix well. Dampen if necessary.

If your horse gets his ration in more than one meal, split the supplement accordingly.