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Equi-Dry is suitable for use in stables and horse transport.           
Improves air quality and reduces respiratory disorders.       

Reduces anti-bacterial activity.    

Keeps bedding drier.    

Absorbs 1 and a half times its weight in liquid.    


Equi-Dry is made to a unique formula based on extremely absorbent compounds and materials which are capable of absorbing noxious gases and liquids. Equi-Dry is able to absorb approximately 1 and a half times its own weigh in liquid and trials have shown it will absorb up to five times the amount of liquid absorbed by other desiccant powders.  

This drying edect keeps the bedding drier and reduces bacterial activity. Bacteria do not like dry conditions. Equi-Dry also has disinfectant properties and contains aromatic essential oils so that flies are repelled.

Equi-Dry has a non-aggressive mode of action and as a consequence is non-hazardous and kind to both you and your horse. The pink, fresh smelling powder is ideal for use with horses of all ages from new-borns to adults.

Ammonia levels in stables can have a profound effect on respiratory efficiency and performance of the horse. This can be effectively controlled by products such as Equi-Dry.