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Go with your gut for zinc free creep feeding

The RESPONSE® range of piglet diets have been developed to help pig producers manage the transition to zinc free diet. The range:

  • Supports the smooth transition onto solid feed and drives feed intake
  • Assists in the activation of the immune system, aiding the fight against infectious challenge
  • Supports early gut development
  • Lean tissue growth is maximised through the enhanced utilisation of nutrients

The RESPONSE® range of piglet diets have been formulated with the aim of supporting the development of the immature gut, establishing feed intake and driving growth in this key period of the Pig's life.

Gut Microbiota Solution
Gut functionality is optimised and the incidence of diarrhoea reduced as a result of ingredient selection and targeted nutrient specification within the RESPONSE® range.

Crude Protein Reduction
DevAmineTM technology enables reduced dietary crude protein levels without impacting growth. By optimising crude protein levels, the pig doesn't have to expend energy excreting excess nutrients.

Energy Optimisation
DiNAMIC maximises energy digestibility, resulting in a greater capacity to utilise all other nutrients for efficient growth.

Cereal Grain Activation
Cereal grains included in RESPONSE® diets have undergone a unique patented processing step, reducing the incidence of post-weaning diarrhoea.

Prebiotics & Probiotics
The RESPONSE® range contains prebiotics and probiotics which work together to maintain intestinal integrity. This stimulates activation of the immune system which helps to reduce pathogenic bacteria growth.


Don't forget the importance of good management

Whilst a nutritious diet is a key contributor to piglets meeting lifetime performance targets, it is essential to ensure that you are on top of all the important management factors to ensure your pigs meet their potential. Talk to your A-One Account Manager for management advice and the feeding programme that will help you transition to life post-zinc.