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Protection: Producing Performance

Benefits of ColfaPig

  • Increased weaning weight
  • Improved viability
  • Increased reproductive output of sows

Sow lifetime productivity - key to economic efficiency

Modern pig genetics provides use with the potential to maximise the kilograms of pork meat produced per sow placed. Precision nutrition and management during the breeding cycle however is required to support the sow through the metabolic challenges she will face during gestation and lactation.


Colostrum - key to lifetime performance

Sows, like all other mums have the ability to pass on goodness and protection through their colostrum, which has been shown to be beneficial for the piglet over its lifetime. Research into the impact of colostrum has consistently shown: The higher the colostrum intake, the lower the mortality and the higher the weight gain (Hasan et al, 2019).

The metabolic and immune status of the sow in the last trimester of pregnancy and throughout lactation will influence the quality and quantity of colostrum and milk. ColfaPig was designed to support the sow during the period of increase metabolic and oxidative stress, so she can invest more in the nutrition and immunity she can provide to her litter.

ColfaPig is a specific mix of encapsulated fatty acids that has shown numerous benefits to the sow and her developing litter as well as on colostrum quality, and subsequent piglet performance.