Over 30 years of nutritional
expertise and excellence

A-One Feeds have been supplying the UK and EU Pig Industries with quality piglet diets for over four decades. Our dedication to produce consistently high quality and high performance diets has became our trademark; the composition of our range of piglet diets have been fine tuned to match the changing needs of the piglet as it grows, reaching the potential of your herd.

Your partner in performance

Each product is made to a specific, targeted formulation, guaranteeing consistent quality and growth. The ranges are tested on commercial farms across a wide range of breeds, environments and production systems. Furthermore, our on-site laboratory checks both our raw materials and finishes products before dispatch, guaranteeing excellence every time.

Special Features of our Piglet Range

Small high quality pellets

High levels of milk proteins, cooked cereals and food grade vegetable oil

Contains Sunlustre full fat soya

Our Piglet Range


FlatDeck Range

OutDoor Range


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