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Over 30 years of nutritional
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Staff and Contacts

If you have any enquiries or want further information on our products, advice on feeding regimes or to request a visit from one of our team do not hesitate to get in touch.

You can contact the mill directly:

A-One Feed Supplements LTD
North Hill
Dishforth Airfield
North Yorkshire

Or contact our receptionists Sharon and Linda through:
Telephone:  01423 322706
Fax:  01423 323260

Or contact one of our team directly

Norman Gordon Director 07775 807973 norman.gordon@a-one.co.uk
Daniel Day Sales and Marketing Director 07967 677609 dan.day@a-one.co.uk
Peter Bryant Key Accounts Manager 07767 228780 peter.bryant@a-one.co.uk
Andy Saunders Key Accounts Manager 07831 452536 mailto:andy.saunders@a-one.co.uk
Mike Harrison Key Accounts Manager - Game Feed 07921 888268 mailto:mike.harrison@a-one.co.uk
Peter Ingham Head of Nutrition / Buying 07831 595300 peter.ingham@a-one.co.uk
Nadine Bingham Buying Administrator 01423 322706 nadine.bingham@a-one.co.uk
Rod Sly Transport / Site Manager 07710 982763 rod.sly@a-one.co.uk
Carol Waites Office Manager 07831 156136 carol.waites@a-one.co.uk
Kathryn Fazackerley Orders / Reception 01423 322706 kathryn.fazackerley@a-one.co.uk
Stephanie Pinchon Orders / Reception 01423 322706 stephanie.pinchon@a-one.co.uk
Hilda Wilson Northern Ireland 02838 851830 hilda.wilson@a-one.co.uk
Sydney Wilson Northern Ireland 07860 606253 sydney.wilson@a-one.co.uk
Peter Speir Ruminant Technical Sales Specialist 07557 341463 peter.speir@a-one.co.uk
Kirsty Allison Assistant Nutritionist 01423 322706 kirsty.allison@a-one.co.uk