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Over 30 years of nutritional
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The Devenish Group


The Devenish Group consists of companies all working towards improving performance and profitability for farmers, whilst at the same time improving the nutrient quality of the milk, meat and eggs for consumers and minimising the impact of livestock production on the environment.


Devenish - Global suppliers of products and solutions for the feed industry, the food industry and for human health. The product offering includes premixes, neo-natal feeds and speciality to improve the performance, profitability and sustainability for its farming customers.

A-One - Established for over 40 years, A-One have a proven track record in developing starter feeds for the pig and game bird sectors. Headquartered in Dishforth, Yorkshire, A-One also has a team in Denmark.

Yem-Vit - Yem-Vit produce and sell a range of premixes and feed additives for the ruminant, poultry and aqua sectors. From their manufacturing site in Izmir, Turkey, Yem-Vit export throughout the MENA region.