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The DevAmineTM product range was developed to provide better quality protein with more available amino acids. The products allow amino acids (lysine, methionine and threonine) and sugars (fructose, mannose and sucrose) to be linked under specified proprietary mixing conditions. Amino acids are therefore digested slower than synthetic amino acids. The resulting final product behaves more like a highly digestible protein than an amino acid or protein from a vegetable source.

The requirements of various age groups or species differ and so DeviGainPG, NatuPro and MatanXL® have been developed based on this technology. The aim is to reduce amino acids and waste in the animal.

The special DevAmineTM process will increase the overall digestibility above the sum of its components. Significantly increased nitrogen utilisation and retention leads to better feed conversions, higher growth rates and nutrient sparing (amino acids, proteins).


A unique concentrated protein which supplies amino acids in a targeted form which the pig can utilise more effectively. By adding DeviGainPG to the diet, the protein in the diet is optimised therefore overall crude protein level can be reduced. This spares energy in the diet and hence promotes growth. Crude protein has been dropped by 3 percentage points with the inclusion of 10kg of DeviGainPG.
What are the benefits to the producer?
  • Up to 5% improvement in growth rate1
  • Up to 5% improvement in FCR2
  • 80kg less soya per tonne of feed
  • 17kg less soya per finishing pig
  • Reduction of 100 tonnes of soya on a 250 sow unit
  • 25% reduction in N excretion (in ammonia, urine and faeces)
  • Up to 16% reduction in Green House Gas emissions3

1&2 Data on file.
3 SRUC, AgRE Calc, Calculator accredited to BSI, PAS 2050.



An alternative, nutritionally enhanced protein that allows more efficient absorption and utilisation of amino acids by the animal.
What are the benefits to the Producer?
  • Improves the utilisation of nitrogen and subsequently the amount of nitrogen retained by the animal.
  • Use in the diet has been shown to retain an additional 2.91g/day of nitrogen which equates to 144g/day increase in growth.
  • Helps to meet EU legislation by reducing the amount of nitrogen excreted in the urine and into the environment.



An effective appetite booster for inclusion in growing/finishing pigs and lactating sow diets, delivering amino acids in the ideal form to maximise nutrient utilisation.

What are the benefits to the Producer?
The carbohydrate in MatanXL undergoes a unique process which encourages rapid digestion; it has high GI value. This increases blood glucose levels and provides a readily available source of expendable energy. MatanXL is manufactured using sugar processing technology combining proteins and amino acids under specific conditions. It is this technology that gives the product its unique features and the ability to:
  • Increase feed intake
  • Facilitate lean growth
  • Improve digestion