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Maximising emulsification and absorption

Benefits of Devi-Jex

  • Limits tail biting problems within groups of pigs
  • Shown to overcome stomach ulcer problems in finishing pigs


Tail biting is one of the most widespread behavioural problems occurring in approximately 5% of growing pigs. It has serious animal welfare implications for both the attacker and the victim, and economic consequences due to infection and condemnation of the carcass.

Granular meal suitable for top dressing onto existing diets or for inclusion into compound feed

Product based on natural mineral products recognised as effective buffers and known to prevent or overcome ulcers in the stomach

Inclusion of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids known to relax and calm animals

Calming effects of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals with special balance of fibre present in Devi-Jex have been shown to successfully limit tail biting

Devi-Jex has also been proven to overcome stomach ulcer problems in finishing pigs. Although many go undetected,
ulcers can be very stressful to the animal resulting in a reduced performance. It is widely accepted that a positive correlation exists between the occurrence of ulcers and tail biting.

Feeding directions

Mix into pig feeds at 3kg per tonne of feed. The equivalent of a further 3kg per tonne may be dusted onto finished feed in the event of a severe problem of tail biting or stomach ulcers.