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The Natural Performance Enhancer

What is DeviGuard?

DeviGuard is a natural performance enhancer consisting of a unique mix of encapsulated short and medium chain fatty acids. These fatty acids exert a number of beneficial effects including increased energy production, increased nutrient absorption due to improved gastrointestinal structures and an overall improvement in gut health.

Over the past 15 years extensive scientific research involving a combination of in vivo and in vitro work has been carried out by Devenish on optimising the ratio of fatty acids and refining the encapsulation of those fatty acids in DeviGuard. This research has been validated through live animal performance trials in weaned pigs, grower pigs and finisher pigs. Research conducted to date has consistently demonstrated the ability of DeviGuard to enhance profitability through improved physical performance and reduced mortality.

What are the benefits to the producer?

DeviGuard contains only natural ingredients and is non-antibiotic.

DeviGuard helps to support the pigs gastrointestinal structure and function through the weaning and growing period. Trials have shown that diets containing the inclusion of DeviGuard:

  • Improve growth rate and feed efficiency with an FCR improvement of up to 8%
  • Suppors gut function thus optimising feed efficiency and digestion
  • Help support the pigs response to challenges
Meta analysis of DeviGuard use in pig diets

Data from 10 trials which included 19,037 pigs in total, was analysed to examine the effect of DeviGuard inclusion in pig diets. These trials were conducted in the USA, Ireland, England, Scotland and France. The treatments were balanced evenly between control groups (9,731 pigs) and DeviGuard groups (9,306 pigs). The effects of DeviGuard on Feed Intake, Average Daily Gain (ADG) and Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) were analysed.

Visual Stats

DeviGuard consistently results in improved performance and liveability in different production systems.