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Supplementary Game Feed

In addition to our range of feeds, we have developed a number of supplementary products aimed at supporting the birds health as well as keeping them on your land.



Home Bird is extremely attractive to all game birds as a result of its specific blend of aniseed and selected spices. Ideally mixed with cereals, Home Bird encourages birds to stay and feed in your covered strips and feeding rides. Feeding Home Bird is a highly cost-effective way of keeping your birds close.

Available in handy 1.6kg and 3kg tubs.

Game Holding Mix

Mixed with cereals our Game Holding Mix is a blend of whole grains and specially selected seeds, with a strong and lasting aniseed aroma to keep your birds close to home at the right time.

Our Game Holding Mix is supplied in 25kg bags.

Super Dry Klenz

Due to its unique formula, Super Dry Klenz is capable of absorbing noxious gasses and liquids. As a result, it will keep your birds bedding in good condition, clean and dry and will reduce ammonia and sulphur dioxide levels.

It is excellent for use around your feeders, and will help to keep your birds dry and free from infections, increasing their overall welfare.

Super Dry Klenz is available in 25kg bags.


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