Over 30 years of nutritional
expertise and excellence

Why partner with A-One Feeds for your game feed needs?

A-One Feeds has been making specialist diets in the UK since 1975 and has built up an enviable reputation for quality and service.

Now part of the Devenish Group of companies, our North Yorkshire based mill uses only the best raw materials available which are quality controlled through our own laboratory analysis.

Improving immune status through nutrition

A-One Feeds have incorporated beneficial nutritional factors into all the diets within the game bird range, that work together to maintain the health status of birds. This nutritional concept works by supporting the bird's immune system so that it is able to respond quickly and effectively to disease challenges.

The A-One range is designed to offer performance with protection and thus all the diets are of exceptional specification with high levels of essential amino acids and energy with extra high levels of Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Selenium to alleviate the effects of stress and aid disease resistance.

Many A-One Game Feeds contain high levels of fishmeal giving less reliance on soya as the protein source, resulting in less digestive problems. A-One crumbs have high energy levels and are very palatable. They also contain maize to help reduce digestive problems and create drier beds. Trials have also shown 15% greater chick weights at 7 days when compared with competitor crumbs.


Our Game Feed Range

We have developed a range of feeds tailored to meet the needs of different breeds of birds. Our range includes feed for Pheasant, Partridge, Wildfowl and Breeders. 


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